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Please fill out a separate form for each machine you are requesting a quote for. If you follow these steps below, and we will get your quote to you as soon as possible.

  1. If the manufacturer’s specification sheet is available to you, it may have all the dimensions needed to fill out the form.
  2. Determine if your machine has a steel grouser plate bolted to the chain or a bolt on pad that is bolted to a steel plate (steel plate attached to chain).
  3. See the grouser plate top view and the chain view on the diagram above. The dimensions that we need in order to quote you accurately are as follows:
    • The width of the triple grouser steel track shoe on your machine (A)
    • The bolt hole pattern (B), (C) and (D)
    • The bolt hole diameter’s (E) and (E2)
    • The pitch dimension of the track chain (F)
    • The number of track shoes for each chain
  4. The width of the track shoe (A) is expressed in millimetres (mm), such as, 400mm.
  5. The bolt hole pattern is determined by measuring the dimensions (B), (C) and (D). You may have to remove one track shoe from your machine to do this properly. Measurement is most easily done by measuring from the left edge of the left bolt hole – to the left edge of the other bolt hole (B and C).
    Trying to measure the actual center to center distance of the bolt holes is difficult and usually inaccurate, Measure this distance in millimetres for the greatest accuracy. Please note that when measuring dimension (D) in a non rectangular bolt hole pattern, the distance should be measured between two parallel lines drawn through the centers of the top and bottom bolt holes. Your ruler should be parallel to the side of the shoe as in line (D) of the diagram above.
  6. Bolt hole size (E) is best measured in millimetres across the diameter of any bolt hole.
  7. Pitch of the track chain is also best measured in millimetres. Pick a point on any chain link, which can be easily determined, such as the edge of the pin. Measure the distance to exactly the same point on the next link. This dimension is the pitch of the chain (F).
  8. If your machine has flat steel plates bolted to the track chain, you will probably need bolt on type rubber track pads. You will need to measure the dimensions as noted on the bolt on plate top view and side view diagrams.
  9. Dimension (A) is the width of the plate; dimension (F) is the front to back length in millimetres.
  10. Dimension (B) is the center to center distance between the bolt holes that the studs on the rubber track pad will fit through. Once again, it is much easier and more accurate to measure from the left edge of the bolt hole to the left edge of the other bolt hole.
  11. You do not need to measure dimensions (B) and (C) for the bolt on plate.
  12. Please give us the diameter of the bolt holes (E), and if you are replacing old track pads with rubber track pads, the length of the threaded stud (E2) of the old track pad.